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Common Lecture Series - Fall 2020

Worldwide @ 4:00 pm (GMT-5), unless otherwise noted (*)

All lectures are remote-online via Zoom this semester. If not enrolled in the course and you wish to attend please request a link via Gail McKenzie @

September 2 – Richard Alomar & Vincent Javet
“Welcome Address: 2020-21 Academic Year”
Richard Alomar, RLA, Associate Professor & Chair,
Department of Landscape Architecture, Rutgers University

“On Assemblage... a series intro”
Vincent Javet, Instructor of Landscape Architecture,
Department of Landscape Architecture, Rutgers University

September 9 – Rebecca Ginsburg
The Margaret Cekada Lecture (2020)

“Prison Abolition”
Rebecca Ginsburg, Associate Professor of Landscape
Architecture, UIUC College of Fine and Applied Arts

September 16 – Matthew Spremulli
“Generative Design Thinking and Workflows – Adoption in Academia and Practice”
Matthew Spremulli, AEC Industry Engagement Manager,
Autodesk Technology Centres

September 23 – Dong-Ping Wong
“Great Outdoors”
Dong-Ping Wong, Architect & Founder,
FOOD New York

September 30 – Valerie E. Aymer
“World Trade Center: Liberty Park – Making a Green Roof Park”
Valerie E. Aymer, RLA, Associate Professor,
Department of Landscape Architecture, Cornell University

October 14 – Mark Niesten
“The Role of Water in Dutch Planning and Design”
Mark Niesten, Project Manager / Senior Advisor,
Adaptive Delta Planning, Deltares

October 21 – Andrew Choptiany
“Fabrication and Scarcity”
Andrew Choptiany, Project Lead,
Carmody Groarke

October 28 – Dr. Vanessa Seller & Susan Cohen
“Nature into Landscape and Art: Discovering the New York Botanical Garden”
Dr. Vanessa Sellers, Director of the Humanities Institute &
Susan Cohen, Coordinator, Landscape Design Program,
The New York Botanical Garden

November 4 – Christophe Girot
The Steve Strom Lecture

“Topology: Topical thoughts on the contemporary landscape“
Christophe Girot, Dean of Architecture, Chair of Landscape Architecture, ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

5:30 pm digital open house, Rutgers Faculty meet-and-greet.

November 11 – Joshua Kirk
“Chasing Conversation: reflections and responses to practice”
Joshua Kirk, Landscape Designer,
A-24 Landschaft

November 18 – John A. Koepke
“Gidaazhoganikemin: We Build A Bridge”
John A. Koepke, Professor & Director of Graduate Studies,
College of Design, University of Minnesota

December 2 – Brendan Cormier
“Cars: Accelerating the Modern World”
Brendan Cormier, Senior Design Curator,

Victoria & Albert Museum

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