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Landscape Design Minor

About the Minor

The Minor in Landscape Design focuses on both social and environmental aspects of landscape design.  The Minor is designed for students who are interested in design and issues related to how we form our landscapes.  It is a great foundation for graduate school in design disciplines, providing grounding in architectural drawing and ‘reading’ the landscape, and the student will develop an understanding of design thinking and how designers learn in a studio environment. 

Photo: Rutgers Design Interns

Learning Objectives:

  1. Read the landscape, including the social and environmental forces that shape our world.
  2. Engage critically in the process of creative expression.
  3. Practice design as an iterative process and foster experimentation in the making of form.
  4. Express design intentions through drawing, modeling, recording, and presentation.


Foundation: 3 credits
11:550:101 Landscape Studies (3 credit + DIVERSITY CORE) or
11:550:230 Environmental Design Analysis (3 credit + CC CORE) or
11:550:250 History of Landscape Architecture (3 credit + HISTORY CORE)

Environmental Issues and Social Approaches to Design: 3 credits
01:082:275 Cinema and the City (3 credits)
01:082:101 Building the Future: An Introduction to Architecture (3 credits)
11:573: 202 Environmental Issues (3 credit + CC CORE)  
11:374:101 Intro. Human Ecology (3 credit)
01:450:250 Cities (4 credits)
11:550:235 Herbaceous Plants (3 credits)

Design classes:  12.5 credits minimum
Studio Foundation classes:
11:550:237 Visualization 1: Drawing and Drafting (3 cr+ A+H CORE)
11:550:231 Introduction Environmental Design (5 credit) (co-req. 11:550:237)**
11:550:301 Social & Cultural Aspects of Design (3 credit)
11:550: 238 Visualization 2A - Introduction to Digital Design and Presentation (1.5 credits) or
11:550:339 Visualization 2B - Introduction to Digital Drafting (1.5 credits) **

Total credits required: 18.5 minimum

* The Landscape Design Minor is not offered to students majoring in Landscape Architecture.

**Environmental Planning Majors need to take 11:550:232 Intro Envi. Design 2 or a Praxis Studio with the permission of the instructor.

Additional Pre-approved Studios for Environmental Planners
11:459:xx University of Osnabrueck Germany Study Abroad (3 credit) or
11:550:439 Suburbia Transformed (3 credits) or
11:550:442 Sustainable Landscape Technologies or
10:832:202 Designing Healthy Cities (Bloustein studio--3 credits) or
11:550:xxx Design Build Studio (5 credit)
11:550:340 Planting Design (4 credits)