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MLA Open House

Saturday, November 17, 2018 (past)
10:00am - 12:00pm
Blake Hall, 93 Lipman Drive, New Brunswick (Cook Campus)

The Open House event will describe the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) Program at Rutgers, and more broadly give an overview of what landscape architects do. Many people know that landscape architects create gardens and develop planting plans, but they also explore the social and cultural histories of places, develop memorial designs, sculpt large landforms, and design large scale storm water management and green infrastructure systems. The Open House on November 17 will include brief presentations by faculty and students, an exhibition of student work, and a walk through of the building with students showing our studio spaces, fabrication lab, digital sandbox, and other facilities.

Missed the Open House? Contact the grad director for a tour.

Master of Landscape Architecture 1

If you discovered landscape architecture a little later in life, this is your opportunity. Our accredited professional Master in Landscape Architecture is a 3 year program designed for students with an undergraduate degree in a different field. Our setting in central New Jersey, close to both Philadelphia and New York City, is providing us with ample opportunity to bring current and future challenges of urbanized America into the class room. We are distinct from other MLA programs because our location within the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences gives our creative design program a sustainable and scientific knowledge base.

Master of Landscape Architecture 2

If you already hold a professional degree in landscape architecture and want to give your professional career an extra push or you are interested in advancing in an academic setting, our MLA 2 is the perfect match for you. Our distinguished faculty excels in creative design explorations and scholarly research in fields such as community engagement and design, post-industrial landscapes, cultural landscape heritage and critical landscape theory, residential gardens and landscape materials, as well as ecological design on-site scale and regional scale.

International students and students with degrees in related fields

We very much welcome international students and are committed to providing you with an excellent American educational experience. Depending on your English language competence and your previous education, we will determine if the MLA 1 or the MLA 2 is the better option for you. If you hold a degree in a related design field such as architecture, urban design, or environmental planning, we will explore together whether individual classes of the MLA 1 can be waived.

Photo: Passion Puddle in Spring.