Graduation Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (550)

(Updated 8/2017)

Please see Core Curriculum Requirements (SEBS)

For Continuing Students Matriculating Prior to Fall 2015 and Transfer Students Matriculating Prior to Fall 2016
Use these SEBS General Education Requirements Requirements

Major Requirements:

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (550)
* Per L.A.'s Departmental Policy, with the exception of one 'D', students are required to earn a grade of 'C' or higher in all 550 courses applied to graduation. See your advisor for more information.

Specific course information can be found on Degree Navigator

A total of 128 credits is required for graduation. Visit Student Unofficial Transcript & Grades for official credit totals.

Requirement V1 : Biological Sciences 1 course

Requirement V2 : Physical Science (also fills SEBS Physical Science Requirement) 3 credits

Requirement V3 : Quantitative Methods, 4 credits

Requirement V4 : Environmental Planning Sequence, 7 credits, 3 courses

Requirement V5 : Design Sequence, 33 credits, 7 courses

Requirement V6 : Visualization Sequence, 9 credits, 3 courses

Requirement V7 : Construction Sequence, 13 credits, 4 courses

Requirement V8 : Plants/Ecology Sequence, 14 credits, 4 courses

Requirement V9 : History/Theory Sequence, 6 credits, 2 courses

Requirement V10 : Senior Survey

Other Electives might be found in the following areas of study: