Graduate Theses and Projects

Tekla's Project  Poster

During the final year a thesis or project will need to be completed. The thesis and the project are subject to GSNB guidelines, as well as Department guidelines.

2017 Candidates

Abrams, Joseph Untitled Sculpture Park at the ATP Site
Bergstrom, Jeremiah Extension Into New Jersey's Urban Core
Betances, Amber Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership: A Case Study in Reconnecting Urban Community to Nature
Bhagwat, Radhika South Waterfront Park Design, Camden, NJ
Collins, Meghan How Can Landscape Architects Create Urban Gardens as a Catalyst for Learning? An Investigation of Urban Gardens for Children
Dahringer, Donna Optimizing Ecological Function, Agricultural Productivity, and Aesthetic Value on a Small Site in New Jersey's Rural-Urban Fringe
Hao, Tian Contemporary Sacred Space for Worship
Hewitt, Christopher Rutgers Gardens Master Plan
Janulis, Constantine A Walk Through Perth Amboy's Industrial Memory 
Martinez, Stacy Have you ever felt invisible before? Homelessness in Newark, NJ.
Patchowsky, Katharine La Petite Ceinture: The Little Belt
Pinto, Lauren Exploring How Landscape Design Can Effect the Health of the Community
Robles, Breanna A Garden for East Flatbush
Ryan, Jennifer Consider the Shrub: Ecology and Design in Parking Lot Plants
Tryba, Kimberly PALIMPSESTUOUS: A Treatise to Preserve the Cultural Landscape of Camp Kilmer on Livingston Campus
Young, Thomas Isoptopes in the Garden: a narrative of the Atomic Age and its legacy in the global landscape


2016 Candidates

Ju, Longjun Weehawken Cove in Hoboken Waterfront Redesign
Li, Muzi Redesign Outdoor Space for Senior Community in Columbus Park
Oettinger, Ellen Environmental Effects of Road Design: Using Spatial Analysis to Trace Design History
Park, Boyoung The relationship between Land Use and Water Quality in two sub-watersheds of the Raritan River, New Jersey
Pilla, Megan Stream bank revitalization in Somerville, New Jersey: A case study in planning strategy for the integration of ecological and social needs in public open space
Schlesinger, Andrew POP-UP Compost Project: Reframing the Processes and Perceptions of Community Composting in New Brunswick, NJ
Zhao, Xiaoliang Green Space Design for Victims of Domestic Violence: The Therapeutic Effects of Gardens


2015 Candidates

ABELTIN, JACQUELINE Poster Community Supported Agriculture: Closing the Hunger Gap in Monmouth County
BURKHALTER, JENNIFER Poster Community Based Design with a Particular Focus on the Inclusion of Individuals with Autism
HYDE, JUSTIN Poster Green Infrastructure Techniques: Stormwater Management on George Street, New Brunswick
LUGAR, KARA Poster The Living Seawall: Balancing engineered solutions with functioning ecological systems at Sandy Hook, Gateway National Recreation Area
MODY, MILONI Poster Studies of the development patterns of Liberty State Park, Paulus Hook, and Port Liberté and investigation into their future survivals of the extreme weather events over the time.
PONTIUS-COURTNEY, TEKLA Thesis Early Representations of the Salton Sink: The Construction of Sea and Desert
TRIPLETT, TYSON Poster Best Management Practices for Warm Season Grass Meadows
VARDI TOPAL, HANIFE Thesis Potential of Community Gardens for Sustainable Urban Development in Izmir, Turkey
YAN, HAN Poster Bridging social and land recovery at Liberty State Park - Artistic expression of restoration ecological science


2014 Graduates

DE VRIES, ARIANNA   Suburban Dirt: A Growing Element in New Jersey's Community Garden Trend
KOPIA, KRISTINE Poster Urban Restoration
LI, YIQUONG Poster Landscape Ecology and Cultural Landscape in Contemporary National Parks Planning and Design: A Circulation System Study of Water Gap National Recreation Areas 
OP'T HOF, ANDREW**   Technology & Landscape Perception: The Archives of Thomas Edison
ROHDE, ZACHARY** Poster An Exploration of Multimedia Rendering as it Relates to Historical and Future Practice in landscape Architecture
SUDBERG, MATTHEW Poster A suitablilty assessment for future wetland restoration
ZHOU, MENGNI Poster Use open space connecting urban structure and local culture

** scheduled for October 2014


2013 Graduates

BYKOWSKI, JAMES J Poster Re-imagining Hoboken's Engineered Landscape
CESANEK, ADAM D Thesis Evaluating Public Amenities of Stormwater Management Demonstration Projects in Philadelphia, PA
CORBO NUCCIO, KIMBERLY A Poster Connecting People to Place: Application of Landscape Architecture Principles to transform public waterway access in Brielle, NJ
HANRAHAN, DAVID Thesis Hybrid Territory: The Shaping of Public Display at Rutgers Gardens
HUANG, WANQING Poster Retrofitting the Everyday Landscape of Transportation Centers in NJ
JADHAV, MUKTA M Poster Snowscapes Infrastructure
KEMPER, KRISTOPHER A Poster Transforming a Former Airfield for Grassland Bird Conservation and Education
MAIETTA, ERIK C Poster Exploring the Influence of Climate Change on Native Woody Plants of the Northeast
ORTIZ, DENISSE A Poster Latino Urbanism: A Case Study of the Meaning and Use of Streets as Place in the Dominican Community of Washington Heights, NYC
PERRY, KEVIN R Poster Walters Hall: A Space for People
STANISLAW, ALISA J Poster A Planting Design in Flux: Handling, Soil, Vegetation and Water on Site at Liberty State Park
SUH, BAEWON Poster Revitalization of Open Space of Highrise Apartment Complex
TARANTO, JAMES T Poster Connecting Rutgers Gardens to Cook Campus


2012 Graduate



The Ecological Design of a Trail System Through a Brownfield Redevelopment Project at Liberty State Park