Environmental Planning Certificate

(21 credits)
Sultan Sea

Environmental planning requires the integration of environmental information into the planning process and is concerned with the protection and enhancement of environmental systems while meeting demands for growth and development. The Environmental Planning Certificate Program provides a basic introduction to the challenges of environmental planning and enables students from a variety of disciplines to pursue professional careers in planning.

The certificate is administered through the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources. For further information, contact Dr. David L. Tulloch in the Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences Building, Room 133, 932-1581, or dtulloch@crssa.rutgers.edu.

Required courses (12)

  11:372:231  Fundamentals of Environmental Planning (3)

  11:372:232  Fundamentals of Environmental Geomatics (3)

  11:372:409  New Jersey Planning Practice (3)

  11:372:411  Environmental Planning and the Development Process (3)

Electives (9)

  11:375:409  Environmental Statement and Impact (3)

  10:975:305  U.S. Urban Policy (3)

  10:975:306  Introduction to Urban and Environmental Planning (3)

  10:975:315  Theory and Methods of Land-Use Planning (3)

  10:975:316  Urban Design and Site Planning (3)

  10:975:335  Administrative Issues in Environmental and Land-Use Planning (3)

  10:975:420  Computers in Planning and Management (3)

  10:975:474  Tourism Planning (3)

  10:975:478  History of Planning Thought (3)

  10:975:481  Housing and Economic Analysis (3)

Adviser-approved course(s) in planning

(Aug. 2015)